Saturday, June 10, 2006


Sony: Innovating to Win in the Network Era

Sony has an uphill battle to win in the network era. Here's a candid interview in WSJ with Dir Howard Stringer. It's worth taking a look at to understand the enormity of the challenges he faces at Sony to transition to the inevitable network world and compete against Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and others.

This following quote is particularly interesting..
If you're talking about delivering music, [there's] the Sony walkman phone.
We sold three million before Christmas in Europe, but thanks to the confusing
cellular system in America, we're only just bringing the Sony walkman phone into
the United States. We're bringing out another Sony Ericsson phone that pushes
email and that will give BlackBerry a bit of a headache. That's coming out this
summer. I'm not suggesting this is going to have Steve Jobs sleepless, but you
just have to keep coming at him, and I'm fairly convinced that the next
generation of devices will master software.

Worth seeing how he will succeed in the transformation..

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