Wednesday, June 14, 2006


ebay Wiki: Shape of Things to Come?

ebay wiki
eBay and Jotspot have joined together to launch ebay Wiki. I think it is an evolution of the electronic marketplace that thrives on conversations between buyers and sellers. EBay community is 193 million strong and apparently, their message boards get over 100,000 messages per day. And Wiki makes this set of conversations tidy and efficient.

Richard MacManus noted in his blog:

Having a Wiki on eBay will serve to refine and formalize the cream of the content in its user forums. It will also help eBay in the search engine rankings, as its user-generated content coffers will increase significantly over time!

I spoke to JotSpot co-founder and CEO Joe Kraus about the new eBay wiki yesterday. He described eBay Wiki to me as "a kind of Wikipedia for eBay and about eBay". He said its main focus is to give "tips and tricks on how to get the most out of eBay". The eBay Wiki will complement and build on the eBay forums, in that the wiki will be a "single point of reference" on topics.

I think it is a sign of markets as networks that focuses on information and knowledge of buyers and sellers to create effective trading mechanisms.

Seen other companies offering wikis as ways to connect and converse with customers?

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