Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Yahoo and Video Uploading Service

2006 will be marked as the year of social networking and video-uploading-and-sharing. In fact, they may be the same as more social networking sites allow uploading of text (blogs), pictures, podcasts and videos.

The video phenomenon started with
YouTube--with a tagline Broadcast Yourself. Then Google Video followed suit. Now, Yahoo is joining the race.
reported that: "Video-sharing start-up YouTube Inc. says consumers watch more than 50 million videos a day on its site and upload more than 50,000 videos to YouTube daily." the same article also noted that: "Americans are increasing the amount of video they watch on the Web. Consumers viewed 3.7 billion Web video streams in March, with each viewer watching around 100 minutes of video content on average, according to research firm comScore Networks Inc."

Apple itunes allows video
sharing (video streaming) to a local network. MySpace allows videos to be uploaded as well. Clearly, there are other sites. If you want a quick comparison of the top ten sites by one reviewer, you can go here.
For a creative rendering of video related to a product (ipod), see

So, will Yahoo's new service be different? or just one more of the same? Worth watching.

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