Friday, May 26, 2006


Tracking The High Definition DVD Wars

Most business school students go through the historical discussions of VHS verus Betamax in the consumer electronics industry (Video Casettle Recorders). Now, we have another battle underway right in front of our eyes: the HD-DVD Wars.

Now you can track the impact of network effects based on sales at Amazon using this website. Clearly, the generalizability is limited because the data comes from one source (Amazon). See if you find other sites and data sources that can be used to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the standards war.

Unlike the VCR war, we now have the functionality to track the winner-vs-loser in near real time. This is the Network Era!

That's great and I think would be nice, if strategic and marketing decisions are linked to the number of sales in real time. That can be a powerful management tool. Well I keep my eyes open!
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