Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Jonathan Schwartz Blog and the MS-MBA Program

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun blogged on his appointment of Greg Papadopoulos as CTO and EVP (R&D) of Sun. His comment in the opening paragraph caught my attention:
The customer made an interesting point - his job was getting more technical.
A change from a few years ago, when his priority was big web traffic deals and
traditional business development. The customer was a technologist to start,
so he was in his comfort zone, but it had become increasingly obvious that
the next generation of differentiation on the web was going to come from technology innovation - not just good BD or branding. (bold mine)

This is yet another observation about the importance of our MS-MBA program on the growing interconnection between business and IT. Read the blog and see the arguments in favor of systems architecture as an important part of shaping business architecture.

Now, if only there are more CEOs that agree with Jonathan Schwartz.... I am sure that it will happen soon.

if more ceo's agreed then we might all have jobs. it is just a matter of time (before we have jobs and the CEO shift their perspective). maybe they should give us the ceo jobs. i think beau is ready.
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