Sunday, May 28, 2006


Goolge preinstalled on Dell computers

Google responsed to the new Internet Explorer 7 (preinstalled Microsoft search engine) with partnering with Dell . The new Dell computers should have Google desktop search and Google toolbar. Additionally, Google is the default search engine in Dell computers.

The new partnership shows again new possibilities of partnering across layers and strategic decisions against competitors!

The stable core set of relationships are slowly unraveling. Dell was a core partner in the Wintel consortium. Intel went with Apple; Microsoft went with IBM (for Xbox); Dell went with AMD (as a start). Now Dell and Google. Yahoo and eBay are working together. it is no longer about just selecting some alliance partners; it is about navigating the complex network landscape.
Today Dell announced new partnerships with telecommunication providers. Their goal is to open new distribution channels, by offering laptops with integrated 3G (UMTS in Germany) technology.
Mobile stores should as a result sell not only Palms and cell phones, they should also provide Dell computers.

Dell is fighting against the decreasing value, due to higher competition from Asia, by offering cheaper and cheaper products (shift from Intel to AMD, Google pays for being preinstalled, now new the partnership with telecommunication providers as new sells partner).

Was IBM's strategic shift smarter? I think so!
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