Thursday, May 11, 2006


Google Notebook

Why am I not surprised?

Google has announced that it will launch Google Notebook as a personal browser tool that lets you clip text, images, and links from the pages you're searching, save clippings to an online notebook, and then selectively share notebooks with others.

I see it is an important building block for exchanging information and idea. Google hinted at this functionality earlier with Google News (that can be personalized) and shared (see my Google newspage as an example). Google has already made it easy to link calendars within a community.

Notebook could emerge as a useful mechanism for sharing what we search (web pages) and how we utilize search (clipped text and images). Worth taking a look at the functionality when it is actually launched in a week or so.

Early peek into the screenshots are located here . This screenshot is interesting if you notice what you can search on the search toolbar: search your notebook or all public notebooks. Soon, I expect the functionality of searching notebooks of my friends (or even specialized categorizations). .

Welcome to Google Community!

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