Thursday, April 06, 2006


software out there (read it before it goes to $$)

While I read this NY Times article I couldn't help but wonder what the case competition judges would have done if they read it on Friday (before voting). I aslo couldn't help but think about what the MIT team would think if they were to read it (vindication of a sort).

This article presents the power of networked and collaborative software development (mashups if you will). It speaks to the use of skype phone calls through the software, changes in the Microsoft business model (Live), and the reaction of adobe to ajax.

The software world has changed. No longer is the power in tying up the resources, instead it has migrated to the utility of putting componenets together. Amazon is even trying to do its part by renting disk storage (15 cents per gig, per month if you are interersted).

When reflecting on the article, the case competition judges would have realized the possibilities and strengths of the MIT suggestion.

If they couldn't put it together for themselves, the article would have helped them out by mentioning independently written software that will run on a cell phone.


Worthwhile thinking about it in the context of software as the glue to link across layers in some industries (and not as a separate layer as we do in the computer industry).
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