Saturday, April 29, 2006


People Tagging

It seems to me 'people tagging' will help people increase and diversify their informal networks, which are more useful and efficient than formal ones.

Online Social Network Introduces People Tagging, an online social network and ratings community, announced that it has launched a "people tagging" feature that allows its members to tag themselves with keywords related to their interests, and then be searchable by those keyword tags.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2006 -- Online ratings community and social network RateItAll, Inc. ( ) today announced that it had introduced a People Tagging feature to its community of nearly 200,000 registered reviewers.

The RateItAll People Tagging feature allows RateItAll members to “tag” themselves with one word keywords via their profile pages. These keyword tags might represent a reviewer’s areas of expertise, areas of interest, and/or group affiliations.

People Tags are displayed publicly on each RateItAll member’s profile page. Clicking on a People Tag immediately displays all reviewers who have tagged themselves with that particular keyword, as well as a snapshot of all recent reviews posted by those reviewers.

“We think People Tags will be a neat way for our members to keep track of what their various sub communities are talking about, or to track the reviews of experts in specific areas,” said RateItAll President Lawrence Coburn. “This feature will also be helpful in helping members of our community discover like-minded individuals.”

Reviewers will also be searchable by keyword tag. For example, a people tag search for the word “Photography” will display all the reviewers who have tagged themselves as expert or interested in photography, as well as their associated reviews.

“People Tagging is just one more way for individuals in our community to slice and dice our database of reviews to display content in a way that is most useful to their particular needs at that particular time,” said Coburn. “And I think that we’re just scratching the surface as to what this feature could be used for – I’m very curious as to what our members will come up with.”

Very interesting I think as we think about how tags serve as links and network connections. May be one more building block in the network economy to create deeper identities.
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