Monday, April 03, 2006


NY Times New Look on the Web

I noticed the new design look on New York Times website. The note from the Editor on the main page said:

Some of the changes and new features you'll see are a refreshed look,
streamlined navigation, expanded use of video and other multimedia and better
ways to see what other readers are looking at, searching for and talking about.

the more extended form of the letter had the following paragraph that I found interesting

Finally, we are very excited about a personalized page called MyTimes that
will let you organize your favorite Web sources of information — from and elsewhere — and view them at a glance. Personalized pages
aren't new on the Web but ones offering the guidance of Times editors,
reporters and critics are. More than two dozen Times journalists are
offering their picks of sites that should engage you, whether you're
interested in baseball or climate change, politics or recipes. MyTimes is
currently under development but will be opening to a wider audience later
this month. You can
sign up now to be among the first invited to try it.
Moreover, if you tab to the Most Popular section .... you see the following:

These four categories are based on network-era ideas of links.

Plus, they have created videos and multi-media content to make their 'service' modules become a critical part of the platforms that others such as (Google News, Yahoo and MSN) may offer. It will be interesting to see whether NY Times evolves to become a service platform or stay as a service module through specialized content.
There's even some discussion of how much the design is influenced by the blogging movement.

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