Sunday, April 09, 2006


Mash-Up Trailers to Market Movies

The mash-up craze is going beyond Google Maps.

The latest is the move to involve consumers to create mash-ups by using music from the movie and material available on the website. Needless to say that once these mash-up trailers are created, people post them on sites such as Google, YouTube, MySpace and others.

The producer of the movie is New Line Cinema--a unit of Time Warner, AOL's parent. A few years back, we would have expected them to re;ease some preferential trailers on AOL site. Now, it looks like they are embracing web 2.0 and the network era more fully instead of relying on their own channel only.

I also found the following quote from the CEO pf Pump Audio in the NY Times article (April 6, 2006) to be interesting.
"New Line is kind of pushing the envelope," said Steve Ellis,
chief executive at Pump Audio in Tivoli, N.Y., which is providing the
technology for the do-it-yourself online mash-ups. The goal is to
encourage consumers "to make a proactive decision to engage with this
content," he added, "instead of bombarding them with ads."

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