Thursday, April 13, 2006


Google Calendar and Microsoft Office Suite: The Ongoing Rivalry

Google's Calendar is live now. Business week notes:

Google Calendar users, for example, could sync their own calendars with those of a spouse and children to more efficiently plan a summer vacation. "Our goal is to reduce the burden of running a calendar," says Google Product Manager Carl Sjogreen. That may be just the start. Google's goal is to make this not just an end product, but rather a platform for organizing events and sharing information...."

Ricahrd MacManus has an interesting blog on how this initiative is to be seen in the broader context of Google creating a set of services that compete against Microsoft's Office. You may remember the conversation we had in class about the management tasks is to understand how and when their current business model (and associated revenue streams) is likely to become obsolete?

Microsoft is not standing still. They are adapting. Office is migrating to the web with more extensive and wide ranging revenue models. It's becoming an interesting battle of business models; the battle is just getting started.

Take a look at the chart in Ricahrd's blog--it serves as a good starting point to begin understanding the competitive dynamics between Google and Microsoft. is Google poised to win? What can Microsoft do to regain its market dominance?


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