Monday, April 17, 2006


ellison wants the stack

Here is an AP article based on an interview with Larry Ellison, it appears he wants to own the stack. In hte article he suggests taht Oracle would be better off if they owned an OS. He is said to be considering buying Novell.
Talk about predicting from what we know. All of the Oracle acqusitions and their battle to best microsoft seem to be distracting them from their core business (which if they could get down market a bit should be growing).

The article

another example of still sticking to wanting to control the entire stack rather than weaving together creative partnerships to deliver superior solution. Is the bigger still the better one for Larry?
given that larry has become a larger than life personality, maybe bigger is what drives him. his rash of acqusitions last 2 years tell us that he isn't keen on competition. it appears that he just wants to level the forrest and sweep up the business.
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