Monday, April 17, 2006


cnet: content provider?

Here is a quick AP article that tells us CNET will be partnering with TIVO for VOD over cable and apparently by itself to offer the service over the internet.

What content does CNET control that I want? This might take some reasearch, maybe that have some other hidden partnerships (or are owned by a larger company that has content).

No. It looks like CNET is on its own. Here are some examples of their content (which has been available over COX cable).

"Videos range from instructional to informative to entertaining, and are integrated throughout CNET's family of sites, which include,, and, to enhance the user experience.

CNET TV will provide online users and TV viewers a single destination where they can access all of CNET's original video content. Video content includes CNET's popular video franchises such as Insider Secrets, Weekend Project, and First Look from the Labs. For online users, the content will be programmable based on topics of interest, or by selecting a favorite "channel," made up of the CNET franchises. CNET TV will also feature special news reports, coverage of special events such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, user-generated videos, and regularly scheduled programming to keep consumers updated on the day's news and trends."

It doesn't look like much that interests me, but I like the concept.



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