Monday, April 17, 2006


apple itunes and the beatles apple corp

so we know there has been some battling between apple and apple over an agreement they made in the late '90s. Apparently, the Beatles record label adjust a prior agreement and allowed Apple so start itunes and sell music. When itunes started to sell exclusive songs the two went back to court where the Beatles Apple Corp has accused Apples' itunes of becoming a "music" producer. The Apple Corp solution would be for Apple to remove the apple logo from the itunes store (and pay damages).

An undercurrent to the whole story is that the Beatles do not allow downloads of their music via itunes. Apparently, they are remastering the catalog and will soon make it available via download. One would imagine that those songs will fly off the shelves (an old school retail reference). Since it isn't really crucial to the story we won't spend more than a mention on the fact that Michael Jackson owns a good portion of the Beatles songs (but he may have just sold some to Sony). Someone will make a bunch of cash when the songs hit a legitimate download site.

Here is an article admitting the catalog remaster and eventual availability.

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