Sunday, March 26, 2006


Sun: Network is the Computer

Jonathan Schwartz of Sun posted a recent blog about Sun offering the word's first on demand supercomputer.

I quote just a short part of it here (urging you to look at the full blog):

And by on demand, I mean accessible through your browser, with a credit card.
This isn't
yesterday's definition of On Demand, involving custom financing contracts, prepositioned inventory and a sales rep in a crisp blue suit ready to negotiate. Nope, our
definition is just like eBay's: you bring a browser and a credit card, we offer
the service. No fuss, no muss. We believe the simplicity, accessibility and
affordability of this service changes the face of computing for all
organizations, large and small, public or private.

The Sun Grid (which will be officially unveiled in a few days) is an offering we and our partners will be expanding over the months and years to come - like any good product, there's no
end to the innovation possible. This represents not only the future of product
development at Sun, but like the Java platform and the internet itself, it
really represents the future of computing.

Go to and see what their offer is and what this could mean for big and small companies. It is clearly a network play as it involves the role of many different developers (Sun Grid Developer Community).

What does this do to the computer industry stack?

What does it do in terms of changing the competitive landscape in the different industries you are studying and analyzing?

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