Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Looks like AMD is firing back on the Skype-Intel issue, and rightfully so. However, I don't know if anti-trust law covers strategic alliances. I want AMD to win but I don't think it would be the appropriate use of law:

from Slashdot

"AMD has issued a subpoena to Skype in the battle of the anti-trust case against Intel. From the article: 'AMD is now focusing on a feature in Skype 2.0 that enables the ability to make 10-person conference calls only with Intel dual-core processors. Users with AMD dual-core chips or single-core chips are restricted to hosting five-person conference calls because only Intel's chips offer the performance necessary to host the 10-way call, according to Skype. [...] Skype's software is using a function called "GetCPUID" to permit 10-way conference calls only when that function detects an Intel dual-core processor on start-up.'"

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