Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Google Finance

Google made a major step to provide finance data (stocks and news) with its launch of Google Finance. The project seem to have started in Bangalore and then got additional support from engineers and finance enthusiasts from Mountain View and NY and it is not surprising--if you think about it--that the team never met in person!

It's worthwhile taking a look at comparing Yahoo and Google Finance and see who has what advantages? one major advantage seems to be the breadth of news sources covered: clearly they are leveraging the investments they have already made in Google News (4500 English-language news sources).

As is the case with most Google launches, it is in beta with no advertisements for now.

I see additionally clear comp. advantages in the amount of users using the search engine. When entering "finance" in google the first result is still yahoo, but this will change, that's for sure. Additionally the design is like always simple and easy to use and the charts a great.

I think this will be definitely a revenue cow, because it is a service which can even more enter the door to businesses. Not only by being able to advertise direct B2B, also thinking 5 years ahead, this could be a service convincing companies to change from MS to Google's potential OS.
Google finance is very weak compared to Yahoo Finance! Google should have spent more time on this before they released it!

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