Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Chinese Govt. Blogs

It appears that in the midst of the privacy and secrecy controversy in China (Google, MSN). the Chinse Government has created a blog for their lawmakers. It is in Chinese and English.

Take a look at it. Reactions?

Perhaps the Chinese government thinks Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. are too popular and too powerful, and fears it will attract a group of intellectuals, who will speak out against the government and become a strong movement that will eventually become a threat. So, instead, the Chinese government runs the blog itself, for one, to gain profit from the same revenue model, and second, is to control people’s freedom, keeping the threat at bay, and maybe in the meanwhile, discovering who is criticizing the government, and track them down. Don’t forget the Hundred Flowers Campaign.
Well, unfortunately in China governmental-owned means also totally governmental-controlled. I do not think that they are interested in revenues nor being a competitor to Yahoo or Google. If they do not like sth. they adjust the "Great Wall" filter and block the potential risk. Additionally is the bargain power of the government pretty big as seen with our "do not evil" company, which just officially comply with the Chinese law by blocking all search results from words like democracy,.. to get the Chinese .cn domain.

So, I think it is once more again a pretending of freedom for the citizens of China to keep voices down.
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