Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Mobile Wallet: Motorola

This announcement today by Motorola has important implications for understanding details of customer transactions.

Please take a look at the following sentences in the context of what we discussed about the links across distinct capability layers and the distinction between open and closed standards.

Motorola’s M-Wallet is network and device agnostic and works with GSM, CDMA, or iDEN® technologies, and is compatible with Symbian, PocketPC, Palm, J2ME, Brew and SimTk. The solution consists of two components: first, M-Wallet is the application that consumers and merchants download from the Internet; second, the Wallet Service Center allows the operator to manage administration, registration, issuance of credit and debit cards, coupons, archiving, customer profiles and maintenance. It ensures end-to-end security throughout the platform and all of a user’s banking and credit information is stored with their financial institution.

This clearly has implications for all the group projects. Think about what this could mean in the context of supposed launch of a payment mechanism by Google and also the existence and acceptance of PayPal (eBay).

I believe I read something about people paying for items via their cellular phones in one of the asian countries a year or so back, is this the same thing?

It poses interesting ramifications not only for possible mashups but also for the convergence of capabilities on devices themselves - your phone becomes your voice connection, SMS pager, MP3 player, digital camera, and credit card all in one...slim that down to the size of a Motorola Razr and what need have you to carry around a wallet full of cash and different credit cards? It's also only probably a step away from being able to access information like your age or driving identification...
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