Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Microsoft Project Aims to Build Portable Entertainment Device

By ROBERT GUTH in WSJ February 27, 2006; Page A8

Microsoft Corp. is working on a project code-named Origami that involves various partners to build services and software for a new portable entertainment device.
A person familiar with the project described the device as an "ultra-portable PC." There has been much speculation lately about Microsoft, of Redmond, Wash., making its own portable music player to compete with Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.

The device being developed in the Origami project isn't a music player but would be a broader-use device, said the person familiar with the project. The device would be styled after Microsoft's Tablet PC, which is a portable pen-input PC. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has been a huge promoter of the Tablet PC, which is geared more toward business users than consumers and hasn't sold in high volumes. The Origami project appears to be an extension of the Tablet PC into the consumer market.

During the past year, Microsoft has been working on the marketing of the project with a company called Digital Kitchen, which also has done marketing for Microsoft's Xbox videogame machine.
A Microsoft spokesman said the details of the Origami project would be announced sometime in March.

Microsoft has struggled to field hit products in consumer entertainment and recently reorganized its entertainment division, giving executives who built the successful Xbox business more say over the company's broader efforts in that area.

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This announcement later this week (March 2) should be worth tracking
so here is the introduction of UMPC on the CEBIT 2006!!

The side is in German but you can use google to translate it:


Here is the idea:
"We are delivering the software, but we are cooperating with different partners". Samsung, Asus and Intel are currently the hardware providers and Mircosoft is the software and idea provider. Together they want to built "a computer which you always carry with you"
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