Monday, February 06, 2006


Longtail blog (plus more longtail)

I came across this blog today. I can't recall what I was looking for but this find was worth sharing.
Look at the post from January 4th. The author comments on the consumer impact on the Lego Mindsotrm product. It is an interesting example of how consumers can influence prodded design and functionality. Is it practical that consumers become builders in the network era? Think about how that changes stakeholder management.
The Blog

If you are interested in the genesis, the blog started as a Wired magazine article.
Wired Article

Here is antoher article that postulates on the longtail issue. One interesting note is that with the long tail, it has become more difficult to evaluate and classify content than it is too release it. This idea fits well with tagging. Why do the classification work yourself when you can let other people do it for you?

And finally, the longtail description from the Wikipedia.


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