Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A little article on the tradeoffs of Google's value versus other things, privacy being one of them. One interesting clip:
"But nowhere in Gmail's "Terms of Use" does the company promise that it won't delete some or all of your mail -- now, or in the future. In fact, the termination clause of Gmail's policy gives the company the right to delete any account, for any reason, at any time, with no user recourse."
"The mere existence of that huge archive of personal e-mail -- an archive that can neither be backed up nor deleted on demand -- should give users pause. For example, such an archive could become a one-stop-shopping destination for subpoenas in civil litigation and criminal investigations."

At this moment I can't remember our class discussion on the topic, but I do remember one mention of younger generations trading off more privacy for features. Is this an inexperience thing (because we don't know how lack of privacy might bite us), or an experience thing (because we are more experienced with the technology we don't fear the privacy as much)? di that make sense?

One more article about Google and privacy, but this one isn't email, but rather what can be collected from Google searches and cookies...

Privacy in the electronic age is such a new topic, I think much of the problems are inexpereince. But on the other hand, we have gotten so used to technology (and its requirements of us) that we don't think twice about giving up a littl privacy.

But is there really an option? In order to use the services they offer, you need to give them the information they ask for. The only alternative to compliance is to not use the service.
Personally, I think it's an inexperience thing. When we were the younger generation, I am sure many of us had very little problems ordering items online than the older generation. But as we got older and hopefully had more responsibilities, we feel the need to ensure a bit more privacy since we have more at stake. Whereas the younger generation of now, have no problem with privacy since they are still young and most likely don't have anything at stake.
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