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Google vs. Microsoft

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The bigger question is, "What is Google going to do with they launch their new version of XP (even before they get to Longhorn), that has SEARCH built into the OS?"

People (including myself) talk about Google and Yahoo all of the time and forget that Microsoft can take them both out. When you have 50 billion in CASH you can do virtually anything you want. They even invest heavily in their competitors like SUN, Apple, and several companies whose purpose is to destroy Linux. Right now it is Google that is set in the middle of their crosshairs. They are gunning for them and Google WILL lose.

But you gotta love the mindset of Bill Gates. Instead of getting into the whole battle of the Search Engines, Microsoft is going to bypass the whole thing. You will use their search without the use of any browser. Built right into the OS and Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) you will be able to search for anything.

Plus "Uncle Bill" has been buying up the rights to content for over a decade. He has been using hundreds of little corporations to accumulate information. There are some things that you will ONLY be able to find on MSN. He owns countless rare works of art that he has locked away and has done high quality scans of. There are thousands of volumes of encyclopedias he owns the rights to. He has been accumulating literary masterpieces and internet publishing rights to millions of books, manuals, journals, research reports, etc.

There is no question that he knows where this is going. Search is in its infancy stage and as big as people THINK that Google is, they are still a site that is solely dependent on the relevancy, accuracy, structure, and format of OTHER PEOPLE'S information.

Bill knows that the Internet is growing SO fast that soon it will be impossible to find anything of relevance using traditional indexing. Even now there are often countless pages of information you need to sift through to find what you are looking for. And THAT is from the biggest search engines; the "industry leaders".

Will MSN have everything? No, but they don't want to. Bill's philosophy is basically: If you want to find information on Norwegian Yaks, go to Google. If you are looking for anything else of relevance come to us.

I don't even like Microsoft very much, but I have to respect his vision and endless determination to dominate every industry he enters.

Believe me, this whole Google vs. Yahoo thing will be nothing but a side show compared to what Microsoft is going to do. Not an IPO, a "Gmail" system, or a product search will be able to save Google. And certainly not their Toolbar.

That is just the sad reality of it. Larry and Brin got greedy. They think they are invincible when they should have cashed out a year ago.

great post. We will examine this more when we discuss the Battle of Business Models next Tuesday
this seems like a bunch of speculation to me. has microsoft really been buying content the way this guy suggests? seems kind of wild to me, but lately the wild stories have been playing out.
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