Monday, February 13, 2006


An alliance to screw the consumer?

Also from Slashdot:

"Raenex writes "CNET is reporting that Intel and Skype have signed an exclusive deal that would cap the number of conference call members on all but Intel architecture. Skype will only offer 10-way conference calls on specific Intel chips while other chips, including all AMD chips, will only offer 5-way conference calls. From the article: 'Though few would argue that a niche feature like that is going to be a deal breaker for most PC buyers, the importance of the Skype-Intel alliance goes well beyond VoIP conferencing. Indeed, it's the latest, and certainly most prominent, example of Intel's new take on marketing: Lock in software partners as well as the PC makers.'"

I find this offensive and detrimental to the consumer's experience: software with disabled functionality according to the user's chipset? This is pure bullying - plain and simple.

I would tend to agree with you Taylor, although it will be interesting to see how it will actually turn out in the long run. How will this alliance actually hold up when and if Skype continues to hold down the marketing and continue to grow in use. It wonder what AMD thinks about this. Is it worthwhile to even go into this battle with Intel or should they keep doing what they are doing.
this is one kind of preferred linkages that are happening in the technology sector.
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