Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Web 2.0 deconstructed

For those of you still struggling to get your arms around Web 2.0, here is an article by Tim OReilly that attempts to straighten out the confusion. In the article he compares and contrasts Web 1.0 companies and Web 2.0 companies. He makes a few interesting points; first - adserving could be viewed as the first web mashup, second - the companies that are doing well are engaging their customers in ways that their competition is not. For Tim, the main point of difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 companies is that the Web 2.0 companies were not locked into traditional business models. That sounds strikingly similar to our Toyota vs. Ford conversation from class on the 24th.


or here:

This page is somewhat of a summary of the article (the OReilly article is better):

or here:

Great addition to the discussion... review the web 2.0 discussion and see if we can construct a list of attributes that distinguish industrial era from network era.
I have to say this was my favorite part of the article:

"At bottom, Google requires a competency that Netscape never needed: database management. Google isn't just a collection of software tools, it's a specialized database. Without the data, the tools are useless; without the software, the data is unmanageable. Software licensing and control over APIs--the lever of power in the previous era--is irrelevant because the software never need be distributed but only performed, and also because without the ability to collect and manage the data, the software is of little use. In fact, the value of the software is proportional to the scale and dynamism of the data it helps to manage."
isn't everything proportional to its dynamism? Jimmy Walker would be proud.
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