Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Horizontal Capability Layers in the Photography Industry

One of the useful ways to understand the shift away from the industrial age is to develop distinct capability layers that are interconnected through business relationships to knit together the offering for end customers.

I have used the same set of capability layers as a starting point to understand the shifts.
The two figures are schematic representation of the key players (with no order of placement for the sizes of the companies).

What are the distinct layers of the photography network today? Can you develop a schematic representation that brings more insights into the transformation enabled by digitization and delayering of value?

What other blogs and links are relevant and important for us to gain insights here?

Wouldn't storage and customer network be essentially the same thing? I mean to share and view photos you ultimately need someplace to store them. I think he would be hard to create value by simply sharing metadata instead of the actual photos themselves. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting the definition of network?
Maybe the distinction is in the intent. One group (storage) was intended to share with a specific set of friends on the network via email links. The other group (customer network) is intended to share with every friend on the network. It is a semantic thing but it is all I have for you right now.
well, we are talking about value creation right? It seems like there's very little value and simply storing files -- real value is created by tagging, sharing, and commenting on the (warning: marketing jargon incoming) context and shared experiences represented by the photos. I still maintain that storage to as an exclusive layer doesn't exist in 2006.
Go ahead and post alternative schematic representation diagrams so that we can further refine these ideas. OK?
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