Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Horizontal Capability Layers in the Music Industry

Here, I have posted the final schematic representation of how music is piped in the network (including the cellular network).

Again, treat this as a starting point of the schematic representation and find ways to refine and embellish the diagram.

What links and blogs help us better understand the network era in music?

Here is a blog(The Future of Music) worth visit, where recent happenings of music industry in the network era are posted and discussed. One of the latest posts is about a videogame: 50 Cent: Bulletproof, published by Vivendi Universal. In addition to the videogame, the company offers 4 CDs worth of music, and music video. I though it is an innovative way of bundling 'information goods', and this could help to boost music CD sales. Another blog talks about RIAA’s "Rain of Fire" campaign of suing the file sharing public. Over 15,000 individuals have been attacked by RIAA in the name of copyright infringement; however, the results have not stopped, or even slowed down, filesharing that continues to grow on P2P and other networks. This shows the campaign is not working, so I think the major music labels should not waste time on worrying about how to protect their traditional way of music business. Instead they should look for a creative way to manage their business in the network era…… Well, a lot of cool stuff on this blog. So, check it out and enjoy.
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